*** UPDATE ***    NVArtStop Tour is on hold due to the CoronaVirus!  more to follow!


UPCOMING Displays in No. Nevada!

February 27, 2020


February 8th, 2020 - Chocolate and Champagne event

February 6, 2020
Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery will be hosting a chocolate and champagne shopping event at the gallery....  come and join us on February 8th,  from 11-4pm at the gallery....  We have new collections to share and look forward to seeing you there!
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February 12th, 2020 - NVArtStops and MTW!

February 6, 2020
Very please to be part of Plumas Bank in Reno!  They will be hosting our 5x5' sculpture of Lake Tahoe for two months!  

They will be featuring an artist reception on February 12th, 530-7pm at the Reno location, Meadowwood Circle!~  
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Long Lost!

December 9, 2019
I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to update this!   We have been so busy keeping up with the demands of artwork, writing and so much more!  

We are teaching at Western Nevada College as well as providing new things in new areas!   We just returned from Chicago and have installed an exhibit in Hinsdale, Illinois and two in Door County, Wisconsin.....  Our classes will be coming up in both February as well as June 2020.  

Our large south bound trip to Las Vegas will begin in March and co...
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NVArtStops Travels .....

September 30, 2019
Well, here now in Wisconsin and yes, it is not Nevada but there is such a demand for the "How To" of making and creating our book art!   It is recycling, art, education, literature and more.... it's a lot of comradely and doing things together.... Talking, enjoying and learning together!      Blessed to have come out for family (overdue) and being able to be there to help one another after several health issues for all....  and yes, sharing NVArtStops as well as My Thousand Words with several...
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2 exhibits in Tonopah!

August 28, 2019
We just left two exhibits while doing our workshop in Tonopah....  Come and visit the Mizpah Hotel and see our rendition of "The Lady In Red" book sculpture.   She is located in the museum at the end of the lobby and bar....  She will be on exhibit until March 2020...

We also left sculptures to be put into the Tonopah library for many to view and enjoy!  You will see a boutique of flowers and a purse made from a book!   That is also on exhibit until March 2020.
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Leaving to Tonopah

August 21, 2019
We are leaving for Tonopah this Friday for their Arts Festival!  We are excited to teach and have people learn book art!
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NVArtStops recommends "Grassroots Book Store" in Reno

August 15, 2019
There are many book stores that we love a lot but I have to share with you that if you are looking for some books and needing a lot, you need to go to Grassroots Book Store in Reno (near REI and Costco).....  

Once a month, they have incredible savings and you really need to go and experience it!  

We are on display in the store too!  
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NVArtStops shared over 45 Sculptures at Western Nevada College

August 13, 2019
We were so fortunate to be part of WNC Foundation gala on August 10th!  We made over 45 sculptures to adorn all the tables for all to see and learn about NVArtStops!  It was a wonderful event and over 500 got to see and learn about it!
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NVArtStops started on August 3rd - 4th

August 13, 2019
We were so happy that our NVArtStops tour started on August 3rd and 4th to help share the love of the arts through the Reno Phil and Sierra Ballet......  There were over 1400 people that came to the two day event and saw our large beautiful Lake Tahoe "Tahoe Splendor"!   
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Sharing Art and Literacy!

My Thousand Words My Thousand Words book sculptures brings books to life through the books pages from within..... We are getting ready for a tour of Nevada and the libraries, museums, etc.... sharing the love of art and literature to all!