NVArtStops FIRST Delivery!

August 3, 2019
We just brought "Tahoe Splendor" to the Pioneer Center for performing arts today!   The 5'x5'x5' sculpture of beautiful Lake Tahoe made of sheet music celebrates music and art with homage to the Reno Philharmonic as well as Sierra Nevada Ballet...  The sculpture will be on exhibit August 3rd and 4th!   


NVArtStops starts August 1st!!!!!

July 31, 2019

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My Thousand Words and NVArtStops

July 8, 2019
We are starting something VERY SPECIAL!!!!

This August     ...........   NVArtStops Tour.........

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Sharing Art and Literacy!

My Thousand Words My Thousand Words book sculptures brings books to life through the books pages from within..... We are getting ready for a tour of Nevada and the libraries, museums, etc.... sharing the love of art and literature to all!