The Unveiling!    The 2019 ARTOWN Poster!!!
What an incredible ride we have been on!   From concept, design, building and sculpting the sculpture that defines "community".... That is what Artown does for all of us!  Brings all of us together for the month of July, offering incredible events for all of us to enjoy together...   Our Community!

My Thousand Words artists; John-Henry, Debbie and Rachael Lambin

We have to thank so many for believing in us, My Thousand Words!  
StanCanDesign (Stan and Molly) total rock stars, contacting us for this incredible project!  They gave us confidence of building such a very important sculpture for our No. Nevada community!  
Jeff Ross Photography (a master with light) has captured the 3 dimensional design of the sculpture on paper!  WOW
Artown (Oliver X) and staff for believing in our art and using an artist that does sculpture for the first time!  We had so much fun being part of everything... poster signing to the unveiling.....  
KNPB has been filming the process of the building of this poster...  Thank you to Martin and all that filmed this process!  A special Art Effects show will be presented on May 30th at 8:30pm PST  
and of course, David Lambin (our support for all of the late nights creating art)

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