Our Artwork is located:

Sumi Sushi, Carson City, NV 
Riverside Art Museum, (The Cheech), Riverside, CA
***NEW***  Virgin Valley Arts Council, Mesquite, NV
 Redlands Art Association, Redlands, CA
 Riverside Community Art Association, Riverside, CA
Reno Fine Arts Collective, Reno, NV 
Clark County Libraries, Las Vegas, NV
Nevada Artist Association, Carson City, NV
Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery, Carson City, NV
Western Nevada College, Carson City, NV
Sierra Art Foundation, Reno, NV
Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, 
Eureka Restoration, Eureka, NV
Artist Co-Op, Reno, NV
Several galleries in Napa and Sonoma Counties, CA
ON LINE stores (Etsy, Ebay, and more)

and displays at these locations:

Helping Our Communities

My Thousand Words has customers and locations nationwide!   Do you have a favorite book or looking for something special and different?   Let US create something special for YOU!