Lambin Arts presents

My Thousand Words for purchase!

While the majority of our book sculptures are commissionable art pieces, that are made to order, we have very much enjoyed creating books that have spoken to us.   Listed below are some of the book sculptures that we have made and are available for purchase.  Just click on the button and it will take you to Paypal.  Of course, you can always write to us and let us know of your favorite book that you would like to bring to life!  We would love to make that for you!   

Our sculptures are all "one of a kind" and start at $250.00. We are delighted to make something very special for you and once we get information from you, will draw up designs and provide a price range.

Comstock Lode

$ 350 USD

Original "One of a Kind" art sculpture of a silver miner looking for gold or silver! Designed by Rachael Lambin

To Dance

$ 600 USD

"One of a Kind" book sculpture with 4 ballerinas dancing across the book... original by Rachael Lambin

The Magic of Harry

$ 400 USD

Original "one of a kind" book art sculpture depicting Harry Potter's magic! made by Debbie Lambin

Wild Horses

$ 550 USD

Original "one of a kind" wild horses of Nevada grace the pages of a book about horses. made by Rachael Lambin

Reading Room

$ 300 USD

Original "One of a Kind" gentleman's library illuminated with great lighted chandelier hanging above. made by Debbie Lambin