Lambin Arts presents

My Thousand Words for purchase!

Our sculptures are all "one of a kind" and start at $250.00. We are delighted to make something very special for you and once we get information from you, will draw up designs and provide a price range.

Comstock Lode

$ 350 USD

Original "One of a Kind" art sculpture of a silver miner looking for gold or silver! Designed by Rachael Lambin

To Dance

$ 600 USD

"One of a Kind" book sculpture with 4 ballerinas dancing across the book... original by Rachael Lambin

The Magic of Harry

$ 400 USD

Original "one of a kind" book art sculpture depicting Harry Potter's magic! made by Debbie Lambin

Wild Horses

$ 550 USD

Original "one of a kind" wild horses of Nevada grace the pages of a book about horses. made by Rachael Lambin

Reading Room

$ 300 USD

Original "One of a Kind" gentleman's library illuminated with great lighted chandelier hanging above. made by Debbie Lambin