Kelii Ota, Las Vegas, NV - “Debbie really delivered for the Clark County Law Library’s 100th Anniversary with a one-of-a-kind book sculpture commemorating the event, repurposed from some of our own Pacific Reporters. We simply cannot thank her enough for meeting our strict deadlines, while also being able to bring our dreams and visions to life via this wonderful work of art.  She was very communicative throughout the entire process, soliciting feedback whenever necessary to ensure that we were getting exactly what we wanted. Debbie also made sure that our sculpture was packaged with the utmost care as it made its way to us from over 400 miles away! Thank you so much again for creating such an incredible memento that we can display and cherish for many years to come.”

Marcie, Carson City, NV - Received a very special Harry Potter wise owl that sits on top of all the books!   She was thrilled and speechless too!  

Brian Munk, Houston, TX - "We were delighted at the detail, care, and personalization you put into our custom request. Your sculptures are so unique and perfectly suited to merge multiple interests into a single, better whole.  Pictures and description can't do justice to the delicacy and hard work that permeates these creations.  Thank you!"

Dr. Southam, "Black Rock Vision Center", in Reno, NV ~"My Thousand Words - Book Sculptures" is amazing! Rachael and Debbie are a very talented dynamic duo when it comes to their creativity and ability to customize their work to their customers' individual needs!  I would highly recommend you see what they can do for you!

Janie Smith, Reno, NV ~ "Dear Rachael and Debbie,  Thank you so much; my husband absolutely loves it. It is placed with all of his other western memorabilia!  It's PERFECT.  Thanks again!"

Sandy Jacob, Reno, NV ~ "The sculpture that you created for me has been one of the top discussion when people come to visit.  It is incredibly meaningful and profound.  The talent that you and your mom is amazing and very creative!"

Darci Fletcher, Reno, NV ~ "My mother in law LOVED her angel! She cried and said it was the best Christmas gift she ever got!!! I really think she meant it! Thank you so much! You are angels in my book! She told us that when she passes, she wants it to go with her!

Suzie Jenkins, Elegant Avenue, Reno, NV ~ "These are some of the most precious and unique gifts you will ever find!  I have several of them in my home and in my store! "